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Today we are going to talk about a South Asian fruit in South Asia which is less known all over the world. There is a lot of controversy about this fruit. Someone's fruit is very unpleasant because of its bad smell. The name of the fruit is durian. So let's go to know about this fruit.


Sizes or what does durian look like

Durian the Durian / DJ Urea 10 Slash is the fruit of a number of tree species belonging to the genus Theriot of the Malvaceae family, considered by many in the southeast. Durian is unique because its large size is about 30 centimeters 12 inches long and 15 centimeters 6 inches in diameter and it

It usually weighs 1 to 3 kg. It weighs 2 to 7 pounds. Its shape is rectangular to round. Its husk color is green to brown and its flesh is pa ale yellow to red depending on the species. Durian seems to have a pleasantly sweet aroma while others find the smell of oaks irresistible and rebellious

Its taste  or what does durian smell like

The intense disgust and the variously described rotten onion turpentine and the persistence of the smell of raw sewage have led to fruit punishment from some hotels and public transport in Southeast Asia. The 19th-century British naturalist Alfred Russell Wallace famously described its flesh as a rich custard that tasted very good with nuts.

Meat can be eaten at various stages of ripening and is used to taste a wide variety of delicious and sweet edible foods in Southeast Asian cuisine. Bathing is the only species that is available on the international market. Other species are sold locally.


 How to Cook With Durian

 Measuring the ripeness of durian and finding out while to put together it's far a rely on taste. Some want to consume barely unripe durian earlier than the fruit emits its robust scent and the flesh continues to be crisp. Many revels in ripe durian, while the scent is robust, however earlier than the fruit, will become over-ripe. Ripe durians which have been cut up must be used immediately, or they may start to ferment. The over-ripe fruit is occasionally cooked and utilized in savory dishes like curries.

To reduce the fruit, vicinity the durian stem facet down on an easy reducing surface. Using a large, sharp knife, make a reduction thru the thick pores and skin at the pinnacle of the durian, approximately three to four inches long. Take care while coping with the fruit, given that its spiky pores and skin can poke you. As you reduce, pull lower back the pores and skin together along with your different hand. Use your arms to tug the lower back of the pores and skin—it'll come off pretty easily.

Lay the 2 halves down at the reducing board, then the usage of a spoon or your arms, get rid of the large "pods" of fruit. Place the fruit on a plate. Use your knife to reduce alongside the seam down the middle of the inside "shell" and you will locate extra sections of fruit. Remove those sections of fruit with a spoon or your palms and upload to the plate. Before ingesting or serving, it is nice to get rid of the large, inedible seeds.

Working with durian can depart your arms smelling like durian all day. To assist get rid of the scent, run warm water thru the durian pores and skin. This will create a totally slight lye solution, which, while mixed with soap, facilitates the disposal of the scent.

Durian is often loved fresh, however is likewise famous for making candies, sauces, curries, baked goods, drinks, desserts, and extra.

How to Store Durian

Durians ripen quickly so that they should not want extra than more than one day at the counter earlier than they're prepared to consume. To sluggish down the ripening, you may keep the complete fruit withinside the refrigerator wrapped in paper or plastic for up to 2 days, however, be forewarned—it'll scent up your refrigerator (and the whole thing in it). Cooked durian will be remaining some days withinside the fridge in a hermetic container.

Durian also can be frozen in a zip-pinnacle bag with the air eliminated for up to 3 months.

Durian varieties & cultivations

There are hundreds of durian varieties. Consumers opt for specific varieties that are more expensive in the market. The species of durian grows to a height of 25 to 50 meters 80 to 160 4 feet depending on the species. Each flower has a calyx sapling and five rarely full or six-petalled durian trees with one or two flowering and fruiting periods per year, although the duration of a typical durian tree may bear fruit after four or five years, depending on the time the species is cultivated and the area. About three months after pollination the fruit can hang from any branch hostility. The fruit can grow up to 30 cm 12 inches long and 15 cm 6 inches large.

Diameter and usually 1 to 3 kg Weight 2 to 7 pounds Size Rectangular to round The color of the husk varies from green to brown and its flesh depends on the species from pale yellow to red depending on nine of the 30 known species of Durio. Identified as an Edible Fruit Producer D'I'm Betting Honest De Dulcis de Graham de Flores de Gravy Olan de Ketogenesis de Rampur de Oxlae Enis and there are many species of abominable mum for which

The fruit has never been collected or properly tested, but other species may have existed along with the edible fruit. I Beth Enis is the only species that is commercially widely cultivated and is also found outside of Indonesia and Malaysia.

In Malaysia, durians were almost exclusively pollinated by cave fruit bats Yama Terrace Polari in the 1970s, but a 1996 study indicated that two species, de Grandiflora, were pollinated by nectar by entering the evening Blankus spider.

Aeneid a and other species d ketogenesis were pollinated by giant honey bees and birds as well as bat species. The result now promotes layering marketing or more generally

Grafting with bud veneer wedges where you graft on randomly selected rootstock seedlings Different varieties can be distinguished by fruit size, albeit slightly Some popular clone magic deans 99th I KB Frog Cheney D123

Ty Chani Gibbon bursary or Green deer Iannucci and mecca jewel D 145 ty though he really Niek he li green durian can yo d 158 ty Kanye long stem monthlong d 159 ty Hmm thing gold pillow Crude and thong tie main fungi golden buttons and without any common named 24 and d 169 each cultivar has a distinct taste and aroma More than 200 cultivars DS I Bathenosh is the most commercially sought after for mason's concentration in Thailand.

Full-bodied creamy and light sweet-flavored meats are produced in small seeds with a relatively moderate odor, while the Chani phytophthora Palmeira is best for resistance to infection by any but valuable in the long run when it is both sweet and odorless, now large in all Thai farms. Chaney Monong in commercial farming

Kanya Ruang and Chrome have had more than 100 registered varieties in Malaysia since 1920, and up to 193 were cultivated by 1992, and many improved varieties have been identified through competitions held in Malaysia's annual agricultural horticulture, and there is another similar process in Vietnam. Achieved through a competition held by Southern Fruit Research Institute

About more

From 781 thousand times to 1 million four million tons harvested in 1999 111,000 conditions which Taiwan exported to Hong Kong Malaysia Singapore and Canada both Malaysia and Indonesia produced about 265 thousand tons and each of these Malaysians exported 35,000 tons. The World Durian Festival is held in Thailand every year at the beginning of May. This single province is responsible for half of Thailand's Durian production.

Philippines is the center of durian production A table is a region where Kadai's own festival is an annual celebration featuring durian and a city where garrison farms are located Cambodia Laos Vietnam Myanmar Sri Lanka India India West Indies Florida Hawaii Papua New Guinea Guinea Guinea Northern Australia

The average weight of the whole fruit is about 1.5 kg 3.3 pounds A durian fruit will cost about 12 Singapore dollars to 22 Singapore dollars 8 US dollars to 15 US dollars, the edible part of the fruit is known as oral and is usually referred to as meat. Responsible for thirty percent

Although many Singaporean fruit consumers are willing to spend around S 75 75 to US 50 50, durians can be found in mainstream Japanese supermarkets during the season of sharing about half a dozen favorite fruit family members for a single purchase. In the West, these are mainly sold by the taste of the Asian market and the unusual smell and aroma of oh door fruit

The animalistic aspects of man, such as the Malaysian version of Bigfoot in Arang Nawaz's legend and Iran in its Sumatran version, both claim that feasting on durians in the West has become synonymous with strong-tasting foreign food which is strange or fancy. Andrew Zimmerman has no reservations with Anthony Borden, and durian has been featured in bizarre foods for Americans as an ingredient in cut frozen whole. Durian is shipped from Thailand to Asian markets and to Chinatown in the West.


Many countries are being economically enriched by the fruit. Many airlines are attracted to it. Airlines of many countries have banned air travel only because of the bad smell of this fruit. However, it is a very useful fruit. Don't forget to eat,


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