The Largest Mangrove forest in the world


The world's largest mangrove forest in Sundarbans. It is spread across Bangladesh and India. It is an active deltaic region of the Sundarbans, covering 10,000 sq km of Bangladesh and India, of which 60 percent is located and the remaining 40 percent is in India.


There are 260 species of animals in the area. Royal Bengal Tiger is one of them. There are also different species of animal birds, different species of birds, and other and different species of snakes. Monkeys have many more ferocious animals. It can be called a sanctuary.

Finishing in forest

Different species of fishermen in the Sundarbans make a living by fishing. There are many species of fish that can be found here. The fishes are really unique in Bangladesh. The Beel River is one of the most popular fishing grounds in the Beel River and there are many canals inside the Beel where a variety of delicious fish can be found. Many families of fishermen are fishing but now these fishermen are facing various dangers. One of them is pirate or pirate. They suddenly attack them and take various kinds of money. Due to strict surveillance t, his has decreased a lot so they are fishing a lot without any hindrance.

Honey collection

 Another aspect is that there is a lot of honey here. Bees are beehives from different trees at different times. Many times they have to die and come back. Different parts attack them at different times. Although they try to take it with the utmost caution, these beekeepers risk their lives to collect their honey. Sold with and much tastier to eat

Sundarbans  most tourist sights

There are various beautiful sites are in this forest.

Kotka beach

Cuttack is one of the conventional locations of the Sundarbans. Cuttack is a base for safaris, and a great location for tiger looking and fowl looking. Cuttack is widely known for its uncommon and superb natural world. In Cuttack, one sees many treasured natural world, from tigers to deer, and loads of birds and monkeys. Here you may listen nature track combined with wild birds withinside the morning and evening.


Karamojal is a fantastic location withinside the Sundarbans. To recognize and spot the maximum treasured species of the natural world in Bangladesh, hundreds of traffic go to Karamjal, a ranger station placed deep withinside the woodland which additionally serves as a deer-breeding center. Bangladesh has a few fantastic natural world species which might be specific to the United States of America, and Karamjal is a wonderful natural world sanctuary, one of the gateways to the Sundarbans.

 Visitors interested by catching a glimpse of Bangladesh's breathtaking natural world at Karamjal and the Sundarbans have to first gain permission from the woodland legit earlier than getting into the woodland and be vaccinated towards cholera earlier than going to Karamjal. Other encouraged objects for tour encompass dressing in tropical climates, cushy strolling footwear or boots with a rubber sole, ok ingesting water, insect repellent, a clinical kit, anti-diarrhea remedy, and anti-malarial remedy.

 From Karamjal, guided excursions of the Sundarbans Wildlife Sanctuary may be arranged. In 1966, 38,500 sq km of the Sundarbans turned into declared a natural world sanctuary, and consequently looking on this region is exactly prohibited and illegal. The conservation and conservation of uncommon and endangered species just like the Royal Bengal Tiger is the number one subject of this countrywide park. The Sundarbans is happy with the truth that they now have an envisioned 4 hundred Royal Bengal Tigers who stay in peace withinside the sanctuary and the variety of noticed deer has elevated to almost thirty thousand.

 Visitors may be capable of feeding their eyes on an extensive variety of mammals, insects, fowl species (260 species), reptiles, and fish (a hundred and twenty species). Wildlife lovers can stay up for seeing Gangetic river dolphins, saltwater crocodiles, deer, wild boar, ducks, sandpipers, moths, monkeys, snakes, foxes, and the ever-elusive and pathetic Royal Bengal Tiger. The serenity of the dense woodland and nonviolent waters takes traffic to a paranormal natural world kingdom.

 Heron Point

There are some of the spots withinside the Sundarbans. Another location of hobby withinside the Sundarbans is Hiran Point. It is referred to as the World Heritage State. Hiron Point is a charming location, amazing for seeing tigers and different outstanding and uncommon natural worlds. Also referred to as Nilkamal, it's far widely known for tigers, deer, monkeys, crocodiles, and lots of treasured birds. Often they're searching out for them.

 This location draws quite a few vacationers due to its herbal splendor and accompanying splendor. It is an area to look at uncommon species of the natural world and birds, as stated withinside the diaries of fowl watchers and natural world lovers.

 Every traveler can revel in their time with the aid of using seeing these lovely surroundings of nature.

 Dublar Char Island

The Sundarbans is one of all the biggest unmarried block tidal halophytic mangrove forests withinside the international. It is placed in Bangladesh. There are many excursion locations. Dublar Char Island is one of them. Dublar Char,

 A lovely island regarded for its picturesque surroundings, it's far well-known for fishing and it's far an area of amazing fish for fishermen. Anyone can revel in fishing right here and get first-hand enjoy oy of this amusing hobby This island has the identical herbal splendor as some other locations withinside the international well-known islands The Pasur River flows to the east of the island, and the Shibsa River to the west. Also, this island is understood for its lovely surroundings.

 Tin Kona Island

It is an extra lovely location for vacationers. The biggest mangrove woodland withinside the international (140,000 hectares). About four hundred tigers stay withinside the Sundarbans, the birthplace of the arena well-known Royal Bengal Tiger. About 30,000 lovely noticed deer stay withinside the Sundarbans. There are many vacationer spots withinside the Sundarbans. Tin Kona Island, actually Three Corner Island, is some other famous location to look natural world withinside the Sundarbans. Tin Kona Island is widely known for tigers and deer, wherein you'll see the actual natural world. An enchanting, however wild splendor of this island is blended with wild forests and estuaries.

 For visitors

Do not enter the forest without the permission of the forest authority  & should keep a security guard under authority with yours.

One more thing I would like to say is that the Sundarbans is a very good place for many smugglers today. They are stealing a lot of valuables from the Sundarbans to carry out this smuggling without the permission of the government. It is never desirable that they cut down trees and smuggle them from there to different places in the city. It is never desirable. Sundarbans under threat


However, some of the works in the Sundarbans are under threat today. These include the Rampal Thermal Power Plant and the various radioactive products generated from it and s that are detrimental to the Sundarbans. Today, the beauty of the Sundarbans is being ruined due to the activities of various people in the face of the threat posed by the Sundarbans. Here we know why Sundarbans is called  largest mangrove forest in the world


 Finally, I would like to say that the Sundarbans are a resource of Bangladesh and India. It is the duty of every citizen of Bangladesh and India. We are hopeful that the government will be more vigilant in this regard. Thank you.

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