The Last Place & Last Road Of The World 2022


Just think you are standing in a place, this is the last place of the world! Also, think you are walking or driving on a road that's the last road of the world! How your feelings these times! Inside of this, we are going to discuss the last road and the End of the world, so let's start.....

"Preikestolen" is the Last Place in the world

There is a place on earth that is known as the end of the earth. The name of this place is Preikestolen.

Many of us have wanted to go to the ends of the earth since childhood, but since our planet is round, there is no such thing as the end of the earth, but there is a mountain peak in Norway where you might think you are at the end of the earth.



Preikestolen This place is called Pulpit Rock in the Forsand region of Norway. Preikestolen is located on the side of a long narrow grove

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More about Preikestolen

Religious people of the past used to worship here. Tourism was first introduced in this place in 1900. To reach here, you have to walk about 4 kilometers to reach the 2,000 feet high mountain peak. There is no environment here to keep the natural beauty intact. Preikestolen is the most breathtaking views on Earth, according to Lonely Planet, a well-known travel guide organization on the planet.

Air selling

There is a lot of polluted air in different parts of the world as well as a lot of pure air. Norway is one of the purest airs in the world. The air in the Pulpit Rock area is one of the purest in Norway. That is why the air here is bottled and sold here. An 8-liter bottle of air here costs about 18 US dollars. If you have the opportunity, you can try and see what you buy.


Adventure travelers can increase their adventure through various activities. Best jumping, roaf walking, clip hanging, free-hanging. Various types of action sports are very popular.

One of the best shooting spot

 This natural place has become popular through multiple cultures in recent times. A scene from the 2014 Viking television series captures the central character of the story sitting on the edge of the pulpit rock. Hollywood actor Tom Cruise was seen here in a great action scene


More than three million people visit every year. Due to its breathtaking natural beauty, the place has become one of the most famous tourist destinations.

The last road in the world

Norway, a country full of natural beauty, has a road that is said to be the last road in the world. This road is the closest to the North Pole of the land. Due to the special geographical location, this road gives rise to a kind of mystery thrill in the minds of tourists. The last road in the world E69 HIGHWAY.


This road connects to the North Pole. The road starts from Olderfjord in Norway and ends at Nordkapp, the highest point in Europe. The length of the last road in the world is 130 km. E69 HIGHWAY  is the northernmost road in the world among the international highways. This highway is part of the international network. The European Economic Commission of the United Nations destroyed this highway system. The current EC was widened in 1992. Before that, the road was known as Road 95 in Norway.



Here are the instructions for travelers

It is strictly forbidden to travel alone on the last road in the world. It is necessary to get permission in advance to travel on this road based on the winter weather forecast. Hurricanes are a regular occurrence here. Snowfall can be seen here even in summer. As the road gets closer to the sea, the northern part of the road is completely closed in winter.

Which can be seen around the street

Most parts of the E69 HIGHWAY look the same, but in some places, you can see small hills along the road, but they are so small that it is better to call them scattered settlements.

European route E 690


In the region where the last road of the world is located, the temperature drops to minus 45 degrees Celsius during the six months of the year, 6 months and nights in winter, and the temperature in this area are around 0.

Nordkapp municipal town

Located at the end of the last road in the city of Nordkapp, the city of Nordkapp is visited by around 2 lakh tourists every summer because of its natural beauty like the night sun and the aurora borealis.


I was almost lost in sorting out that article in this place. I hope you like it too. If you ever get the chance you can come back. Thank you all for reading this article.

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