TikTok Feta Pasta

 What Is TikTok Feta Pasta?

TikTok feta pasta is a viral pasta dish made the usage of an entire block of feta, cherry tomatoes, pasta, oil, herbs, and spices. The feta and cherry tomatoes are roasted with olive oil and salt and pepper for 30-forty minutes. They’re then combined and tossed with al dente pasta, garlic, and purple pepper flakes.

The aim is to bake the feta till it’s golden and tender. At the equal time, the tomatoes want to be roasted for lengthy sufficient, so the skins burst and the juices start to flow.

That’s the important thing to the flavorful sauce. Well, that and the garlic, basil, purple pepper flakes, and olive oil.

Some recipes will have you ever upload the raw pasta to the dish with water and bake the whole lot collectively.

That technique works, it’s simply now no longer my favorite. Instead, I assume you get a higher end result whilst you allow the feta and tomatoes roast on their own.

Either manner, this pasta dish is precisely as scrumptious as you believe it to be. Salty, savory, and bursting with freshness from the tomatoes.

Prepare to have your thoughts blown!



Other than an entire block of feta, the splendor of this dish is which you in all likelihood have the whole lot at domestic already.


Here’s what you’ll want to make this TikTok feta pasta:


Pasta – pick any form or length you want. The handiest issue that topics is which you prepare dinner dinner the noodles to an ideal al dente.

Feta – an entire block of feta is the nice option. Crumbled feta is quality in a pinch, however it doesn’t soften in addition to a block of feta does.

Cherry Tomatoes – handiest use sparkling! Grape tomatoes are quality, too. However, don’t be afraid to apply old, wilted tomatoes — I sincerely like them extra due to the fact they’re sweeter.

Garlic – sparkling garlic handiest, please. Now’s now no longer the time to apply the powdered kind.

Basil – again, sparkling is nice.

Red Pepper Flakes – for only a little little bit of a kick. Add as little or as a whole lot as your flavor buds can handle.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – the authentic recipe requires ordinary olive oil, however agree with me, EVOO is manner higher.

Salt and Pepper – to flavor. I propose tasting the entire dish first because the feta brings a variety of salt to the blend. You may

 Locate you don’t want any greater at all.

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 How to Make TikTok Feta Pasta

There are just a few steps for this dish, that's why it’s so popular.

All you want to do is upload some matters to a baking dish, prepare dinner dinner the pasta, then blend all of it collectively.


1. Mix collectively olive oil, tomatoes, and salt in a baking dish properly

Be very beneficiant with the olive oil. You need the tomatoes to swim in it!


2. Add a block of feta withinside the middle.


Then, drizzle it with a few extra olive oil. Top with purple pepper flakes if you want warmness.



3. Roast the feta and tomatoes.

You’ll try this in a 400-degree-Fahrenheit oven for 30 minutes. That excessive warmness is essential!

Then, crank up the warmth to 450 and bake for some other five to ten extra minutes. The aim is for the tomatoes to burst!


4. Cook the pasta to al dente.

Just observe the bundle instructions, however dispose of the pot from the warmth 1 minute earlier than the prescribed period of cooking.


The pasta will preserve to melt as soon as it receives tossed withinside the sauce. Drain well, however reserve a few pasta water for the sauce.


5. Stir the garlic and basil into the roasted feta and tomatoes.


Do this at once after taking the baking dish out of the oven. The field wishes to be heat sufficient to prepare dinner dinner off that uncooked fringe of the garlic.


6. Toss the pasta and sauce collectively.


You must be capable of try this withinside the dish. But if it has shallow sides, cautiously upload the whole lot right into a bowl to blend.


Add a few reserved pasta water if the sauce is simply too dry.


7. Taste the dish after which season with salt and pepper if needed.


Though its salty so  you may not want greater salt.


8. Serve and enjoy!


Tips and Tricks for the Best Feta Pasta


Use a baking dish that’s massive sufficient to in shape all of the ingredients – pasta included. At the equal time, though, you’ll need to make sure the tomatoes are crowded collectively, in order that they smush and confit even as baking.

I like to apply a quick dish with tall sides. That manner, the feta and tomatoes can prepare dinner dinner properly, and I can stir the whole lot with out it spilling out of the top.

Save a number of the pasta water simply in case the sauce seems dry. You can’t understand precisely how juicy the tomatoes are, so it’s nice to be geared up with water.

You’ll want water to assist loosen the sauce, however now no longer faucet water.

The pasta water is heat and could maintain the sauce thick, way to the starch from the pasta.

Be beneficiant with the olive oil. It’s the important thing to creating the sauce fantastically wealthy and thick.

Don’t overcook the pasta. If you need the noodles company and chewy, undercook them for 1 minute. They’ll preserve to melt as you toss them withinside the sauce.



So don’t late ,try to make  it and hope it will very tasteful for you and your Family.

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